Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Fat Liar: Loved It! (It's the truth, I swear!)

Rated: PG for some language
Starring: Frankie Muniz, Paul Giamatti, Amanda Bynes
Running Time: 1 Hr. 28 Mins.

I don’t get out much. One would think I do, seeing as my kids are getting older (one is in sixth grade, the other a senior in high school), but, alas, with four different schedules, crazy work hours for myself and my husband, and general exhaustion as the weekend rolls around, more often than not, I find myself tucked in with a good movie on Friday or Saturday nights. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Consequently, I have chosen a DVD for my first movie review on Flixy Mom, a family favorite that is guaranteed to bring many laughs, Big Fat Liar.

Fourteen-year-old Jason Shepherd (Frankie Muniz) has always gamed the system, manipulating the truth to suit his best interests. On his way to hand in the paper that will keep him out of summer school (a fate worse than death for any high schooler), he is hit by a limo containing big-time Hollywood producer Marty Wolf (brilliantly played by Paul Giamatti), who offers him a ride to avoid a lawsuit.

Jason accidentally drops his backpack, leaving the paper on the floor of Wolf’s limousine. The producer steals Jason’s idea and turns it into his next big Hollywood production, never wanting anyone to know his greatest movie idea came from a fourteen-year-old.

With the help of his friend, Kaylee (Amanda Bynes), Jason travels to California intent on having Wolf admit he stole the paper to prove to his parents and teacher that this time, he is telling the truth.

After spying on Wolf for an entire day, the kids discover the producer is the biggest jerk in Hollywood, mistreating everyone around him and refusing to call Jason’s father to back up the high schooler’s story.

What happens next are some of the funniest moments in a pseudo-kid movie I have ever seen. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say, it is a great comedy.

There are no sexual situations and no language, other than one “you suck.” Just an hour and a half of fun for ages eight and up.

Reviewed by Karen Wojcik Berner


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