About Flixy Mom

Welcome to Flixy Mom!

We are here to help parents find movies that are enjoyable and appropriate for their children's viewing experience.

Truly, we all have our individual philosophies and limits regarding allowable content in a movie. Some parents are comfortable with mild language while others are not at all. Some want no violence or no sexual content, while others may allow some of one or both, depending on the age of their child and/or other factors. Some children are very affected by certain scary or evil characters, while other children are not bothered by these things at all.

It is our hope at Flixy Mom, that we will provide movie reviews that give you valuable information as well as our own personal preference for the movie.

We will be reviewing family movies for all ages -- very young children, elementary school-age, and young adult. We may even review a romantic comedy or drama if we feel it is a movie that would be enjoyed by the family.

We welcome suggestions!!!

This is a new site and it will grow based on your input, so please, leave comments and let us know if you are finding our service helpful. And if you do, please spread the word.